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Monday, February 26, 2007


The final words
Parting but not soothing
The last lexis
Smiling but not cheering
The complete story
Full circle but empty

O foolish lover
Cease your whining
This land is no longer your playground
You already granted the right
To the beloved princess of his

Be gone
Just fade
To the background
The saddest wallflower

Be quiet
Just mute
Still as a statue
The static lullaby

Just nothingness
Presence no longer here
Only faint memory
Grave less being

Good bye
See you again

FaNNie shed tears at 01:26 pm

(3)*Foolish Lover*


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Meredam Masa

Congkak merayu ingat
Lindap dalam genangan mimpi
Sesaki kapiler asaku dengan ingin
Sayap renjana tersobek
Sadarku nafikan wujudnya
Namun degub itu masih ada
Tetaskan bulir-bulir rindu

Dan di sinilah aku                 
Absurd menengok waktu
Terbelenggu imaji lalu
Dengan kunci terbuang

Adakah masa
Ketika bebas benar jadi anugerah?
Bukan sebuah kutukan
Yang kembali ketika rapuh itu menjelma

Ini masaku
Bisakah masamu menjauh dariku?

FaNNie shed tears at 04:26 pm

(2)*Foolish Lover*


Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Hell Gate Re-Opened


I just walked thru the Hell Gate and out. Scorched and a little bit burnt out but at least still in one piece. The demon just smiled and said that he wish he can keep me forever. Cursed by his love and bounded by his hatred. This is the best sanctuary for the sinner like you. Then I said no, thank you. The fires of hell really turn me on and sorely tempt me, but I know it is not for my wicked and tattered soul. The only place for me is a deep hole in the earth with a rainbow inside it. Where I can lie down and weep secretly. Until my tears caught the sun streaks, and born into another rainbow to accompany me.

The Demon ask me, why I want to have rainbow for my mate. Rainbow is only a façade of the light, while His beloved flame is the solid one. He promised me the Lucifer Breath that can engulf and burned me to the highest ecstasy. I merely smiled and said that I don't want another peak after the hard falling down. Your fires will only a tiny spark of my nocturnal times, while me daydreaming about the hidden valley and the heaven above. I am too much sinner to be admitted into heaven. But I am also a slightly innocent for your taste.

I started to go back to the Hell Gate, but He caught and then kissed me. He said that He glad he can have me in His arms again for a while. After all the times I spent deep inside the Earth and the wind never whispered my name to His eager ears. I told him that he can just step up from His throne and get me down there, if only for the sake of his obsession. He admitted that sometimes He like to use the crows to spy on me. He can not walk out of the Hell because the God wrath will be upon Him. Oh well, I said, maybe I can be persuaded to come to the Hell once a time. Only to make you happy. He looked at me and smiled again. Thank you, he said, you never change a bit, since you still walk proudly on the earth until you hidden to that barren hole. I smiled back and kissed Him. Do not forget about me, or I will haunt your dream and you will be more obsessed.

That is my story. The girl who walk thru Hell and back. And will be back again. Maybe. Who know????

FaNNie shed tears at 03:32 pm

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Thank You

In the middle of the night. 
Wondering about the lost ones, the lost times, the lost moments.
And then suddenly I feel this overwhelming feeling:

Thank you for the so-often-get-lost, so I learn how to read map
Thank you for urging me to watch the street, so I know this city quite well
Thank you for the food appreciation, so I can learn to love food too
Thank you for chasing me around to keep my health, so now I am in a better state
Thank you for taught me so many things, so I am not a fool anymore
Thank you for the support, so now I won't depend to anyone ever again
Thank you for the shared dream, so now I am a dangerous daydreamer
Thank you for being my partner, so I know how to find a good partner

Thank you for the kindness, so I can learn how to be ruthless
Thank you for the viciousness, so I know what is softness
Thank you for taught me how to sacrifice, so now I am no longer a prey
Thank you for taken so much from me, so I know how to keep secretly
Thank you for remember, so I can recall the pain you gave me
Thank you for being so unromantic, so I can be the hopelessly romantic one


Thank you for the words sparring, so I can train my sharp tongue
Thank you for the discussion, so I can exercise my clever brain
Thank you for persuade me to speak, so now I can express my feeling
Thank you for the forgiveness, so I can say I-am-sorry
Thank you for the lost, so now I know how to find


Thank you for the curse, so I can unleash my darkness
Thank you for the vengeance, so I can be the avenger
Thank you for the ignorance, so I can erase you out of my mind
Thank you for your wrath, so I can spite you back
Thank you for the cynic, so now I am the skeptic one
Thank you for being the fragile devil, so I now I am a broken angel

Thank you for the embrace, so I can hug you tenderly
Thank you for the caresses, so I can love the feel of you
Thank you for the kiss, so I can kiss you back passionately
Thank you for the lust, so we can both drown in the ocean of desire

Thank you for the heartbreak, so I know what is love
Thank you for the love, so I know what is hate

Thank you for everything
That we had, we should have and we won't ever have

FaNNie shed tears at 06:11 pm

(2)*Foolish Lover*


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